I have gained a broad experience working in different forms of organisations: from state institutions to agile agencies – from working for Google to playing bass in Jazz bands or touring the world accompanying rock stars.
I love to share my experience as coach, consultant, facilitator or lecturer and above all listen to your current challenges. For individual requests please visit me on LinkedIn or get in touch by e-mail.

New Work


Digitalisation, demographic change, globalisation, the demand for participation and self-determination. Companies and institutions need a new level of creativity, innovation and togetherness at all levels of the organisation to cope with already existing and new complexities to remain competitive in the future. Tomorrow's success is found by going beyond the same strategies and tools that we've relied on in the past.
New Work Facilitators start precisely at this point. They support and accompany organisations through change by recognising opportunities and proactively shaping change. There is no one size fits all solution, each organisation has its own starting point and needs customized dedicated solutions and approaches.

Here are more specific topics that fall under the umbrella term "New Work": Agile work methods and organizations, Holistic cultural analysis, Organizational Design, Change Management, Transformation,

Successfully initiating projects, Leading new generations, Intrapreneurship
, Modern leadership roles, Resilience, Mindfulness, Self-Leadership, New Work Mindset


In 2021 I completed the New Work Facilitator program at the TAM Akademie Berlin and also obtained the New Work Facilitator certificate of the the German professional association for training, consulting and coaching (BDVT).


Computers and digitality have accompanied me since my earliest youth. I create art and culture-related content for the digital space and design complex web services in an agile way, taking into account the interests of various stakeholders.

Digital tools and services don't only fulfil tasks, but are tailored to the people who interact with them. "Analogue" and "digital" should not be understood as opposites. The digital usually gains in importance when people bring it back into the analogue world and the other way arround. Let‘s explore the potentials and the limits of the digital while considering it as one of several possible means to achieve goals.

Design Sprints

I joined a Design Sprint as a participant during my time at Google and was immediately fascinated by the power of this facilitated process. 
A Design Sprint is a 4-5 day group process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. 
After defining the challenge the group produces a mass of ideas and votes on the best solutions afterwards.

Later a prototype gets defined with a storyboard and finally it gets build and tested by real users. Design Sprints compress potentially months of work into a few days. They can be done as in person workshops or remotely. More about the process can be read here.

In 2021 and 2022 I completed a training course by Jake Knapp (the inventer of the Design Sprint) and AJ & Smart.