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"A skilled navigator of contemporary European jazz sensibilities."

London Jazz News, February 2019

"Elements from other genres flow into the music without transitions, but don't dilute the jazz in any way. Rather, they illuminate its modern essence in a new light."

Jazz ‘n‘ more, March 2019

"In his original, tasty instrumental compositions, the electric bassist born in 1979, underscores the tonal spectrum of his instrument."

Jazzthing, March 2019

I am very happy about the release of my album "THIS" on the swiss Jazz label Unit Records. For "THIS" I composed and produced eight instrumental pieces for a quintet line-up. The starting point for the compositions were sketches developed on the bass guitar, that mesh with (collective) improvisations, minimalist segments, indie rock parts, hints of pop, soundscapes and jazz elements. "THIS" has been released on November 16th 2018.

The recording took place in January 2018 at the Audiocue Tonlabor and I had the pleasure to be in the studio with these gentlemen: Bernd Oezsevim (drums), Eldar Tsalikov (clarinet, saxophone), Johannes Böhmer (cornet, trumpet) and Hendrik Stiller (piano). Rainer Robben did the recording, mixing and mastering.

I am also very happy about the  artwork of the album. The shown piece of art is actually a statue created by my friend Alejandra Ruddoff named "mutatis mutandis". The graphic design has been done by Andrea Fröhner, who "remixed" Alejandras art by using greaseproof paper and digital magic. Sandy Amerio created a very cool video teaser!


Thanks to everyone involved!

LINER NOTES (by Kiana Minkie)

THIS, composed by Carsten Hein is an album of memories in retrospect. Taking inspiration from travel, the sound is reminiscent of good times and favourite records. It’s a reliving of rich experiences, without the feeling of nostalgic yearning. The album’s overall sound is complex but resolved, suggesting maturity and gratefulness.

THIS is an ode to the versatility of the bass, highlighting the unique voice of the bass in diverse contexts. Many of the instrumental parts were first written on the bass and instruments often take on unexpected roles. Close intervals and odd meters in some of the tracks are combined with (collective) improvisations and contrasting sounds, with attention grabbing harmonies. Dreamy layers of sound, minimalistic melodies and elements of film music invite the listener to dip into their own mental movie.

Each track encompasses the composers appreciation of many kinds of music. Listeners can hear the way different music styles compliment each other. The album merges pop melodies, indie rock, modern jazz and latin influences, with the perfect blend of improvisation and technical refinement. Without the limitation of self-imposed genre boundaries, the audience can hear freedom in the conscious decision to make one’s own rules. THIS is the soundtrack to finding acceptance for our individual paths in life, and a playful rebellion against the status quo.





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