New album coming out on November 16th 2018

I am very happy to anounce that my album "THIS" will be released on November 16th 2018 on the swiss label Unit Records. For "THIS" I composed and produced eight instrumental pieces for a quintet line-up. The starting point for the compositions were sketches developed on the bass guitar, that mesh with (collective) improvisations, minimalist segments, indie rock parts, hints of pop, soundscapes and jazz elements.


The recordings took place in January 2018 and I had the pleasure to be in the studio with these gentlemen: Bernd Oezsevim (drums), Eldar Tsalikov (clarinet, saxophone), Johannes Böhmer (cornet, trumpet) and Hendrik Stiller (piano).


I am also very about the  artwork of the album. The shown piece of art is actually a statue created by my good friend Alejandra Ruddoff named "mutatis mutandis". The graphic design has been done by Andrea Fröhner, who "remixed" Alejandras art by using greaseproof paper and digital magic. Thank you both!


Stay tuned for more!