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"A skilled navigator of contemporary European jazz sensibilities."
London Jazz News, February 2019


"Elements from other genres flow into the music without transitions, but don't dilute the jazz in any way. Rather, they illuminate its modern essence in a new light."
Jazz ‘n‘ more, March 2019


„In his original, tasty instrumental compositions, the electric bassist born in 1979, underscores the tonal spectrum of his instrument.“

Jazzthing, March 2019


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Heavy Metal Herkules

A composition for six bass guitars by Angela Bulloch & Augustin Maurs. All basses recorded by Carsten Hein.

B-Side: Angela Bulloch, Augustin Maurs & Louis-Philippe Scoufaras Quarterly Clock Melody with Overtones from Heavy Metal Herkules
Edition of 100, black vinyl, with unique drawing on cover made with Elliptical Song Drawing Machine by Angela Bulloch

Released in October 2019.

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Marcus Klossek Electric Trio

Taken from the skies


Telecaster Jazz Guitar Noire from Berlin, released in July 2018.
"Tele-Jazz at it's best!" (
Concerto 2018)

"Vitality Statement, conclusion: This music belongs on stage!" (Jazz Thing 2018)
Marcus Klossek (guitar, composition)

Derek Scherzer (drums)

Carsten Hein (bass)

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